Michael B Coleman Government Center Opens!

Posted on February 12, 2018

Our newest project to open is the Michael B Coleman Government Center in Downtown Columbus. This eight-story, 180,000 square foot building puts four City departments under one roof: Building & Zoning Services, Public Service, Development, and a portion of Public Utilities. Bringing these interactive departments together in a central location created a more convenient process for residents who need to visit multiple departments. It also helps increase operational efficiency for the City departments and their employees.

On the street level of the building, customers can easily navigate the departments on the retail concourse, where most of them can get their quick “in and out” functions taken care of within 10-30 minutes. A monumental staircase at the center of the concourse leads up to the second floor, where there is more public space and a hearing room. The other six stories of the building are dedicated to City Department offices.

Three stories of the building were designed to pay homage to City Hall with tall windows, pilasters, and a limestone veneer. Likewise, the eight-story tower pays homage with its glass and zinc panels. This aesthetic is also intended to make a statement about the transparency of government and the values of our city, including innovation and sustainability.

The Michael B Coleman Government Center is the newest part of the City Hall campus, which features a large, central Campus Green, with paths connecting the buildings, lighting, searing, art, and a rain garden. Just north of the building is and eight-story, 700 car parking garage to provide parking for customers, city employees, and a city fleet of vehicles for city departments working downtown. 

We were proud to work with some of the best firms in town on this project. The building design was a joint partnership with Schooley Caldwell Associates and DesignGroup, Messer was the general contractor, and MKSK was responsible for landscape architecture.