Breaking Up the Winter Weather with Fun!

Posted on February 05, 2019

The winter weather woes are hard to beat, so we've gone all in on whatever fun we can have! Check out some of our recent celebrations.

For International Fun at Work Day, we did an office chair relay race! We assembled teams of 3 to race around the office. Racers had to propel themselves with their chair, then hand it off to the next racer on their team once they finished their leg of the race. Coincidentally, the team that won was literally named "The Winning Team," and included all of our Principals, Stephen Metz, Bob Baumann, and Jon Beier. Here they are with their trusty, winning steed. 


Hot Chocolate Day was a real winner! With 5 different kinds of hot chocolate and candy and marshmallow mix-ins, it was an absolute treat. It was great weather for the day, too - only 3 degrees outside!

We were happy to participate in Wear Red Day this year, which helps increase awareness of Heart Disease. Almost half of our office donned some red to bring attention to the cause. Can it be pajama day now?